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Does Your Clinic Recommend A Single or Double Embryo Transfer?

Our program strongly advises single embryo transfer for patients who are good candidates. A significant proportion of our patients would be considered good candidates and, as a result, we perform single embryo transfer in a high proportion (>80%) of our IVF cycles currently.  Good candidates for single e… Continue Reading

How Does Age Affect Fertility?

Age plays a significant role in fertility. There are age-related impacts on both female and male fertility, although the impact is much more significant on female fertility.  Fertility is highest for females during their 20's and early 30's.  It is estimated that the chance for achieving pregnancy for a he… Continue Reading

Joshua D. Kapfhamer, MD, MA

Watch Dr. Kapfhamer On KARE11

"The reality is infertility sucks. That’s a true statement no matter who you are, no matter where you’re at in your journey." Dr. Kapfhamer joined KARE11 for an open and honest discussion about the challenges and opportunities for individuals and couples dealing with infertility. This included a focus… Continue Reading

This Is Infertility

Dr. Colleen Casey appearance on "This is Infertility" Podcast

Dr. Colleen Casey was recently on the This is Infertility Podcast: In this episode, we hear from Andrea Ford about her experience with an endometriosis diagnosis, and how having access to fertility coverage enabled her to make better decisions about treatment. While more research is needed,  Dr. Coll… Continue Reading

ASRM American Society for Reproductive Medicine

CRM Nurses Recertified By ASRM

We are honored to announce that our nurses have been recertified by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Continuing to be certified by this prestigious organization reflects our commitment to providing our patients with cutting-edge services and compassionate care throughout their fertility… Continue Reading

American Society of Anrology

A Prestigious Honor For Douglas T. Carrell

We are proud to announce that Douglas T. Carrell, Ph.D., H.C.L.D. has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the American Society of Andrology. This achievement comes as no surprise to those of us who have witnessed Dr. Carrell’s laboratory directorship abilities in action at the Center for Reprodu… Continue Reading

Maximizing Your Andrology Care

Andrology care, which is the study and care of the infertile male, is sometimes a less defined and more confusing process than the care of the infertile female. In some clinics, the reproductive health of the male is largely overlooked “as long as there are a few sperm available” for IVF/ICSI treatment. H… Continue Reading

The “White Face of Infertility”

A recent column in the Independent addresses a crucial issue facing black women who are struggling with infertility. When they look at “pamphlets, posters, brochures or in waiting rooms” it’s easy for them to feel like they are alone in their struggle due to the lack of women of color. This can also hav… Continue Reading

Woman laying in bed with child

Finding Donors Can Feel Like a Minefield

It’s a natural human instinct to want your natural born children to bear at least a passing resemblance to you. Depending on your ethnic background, features such as skin color, eye color, and hair texture can be very important in achieving that reproductive goal. The fact that it’s a natural human ins… Continue Reading

CRM’s Small Talk Survival Guide

What do you think of when you look back on the holiday season? Do you think about the Christmas you celebrated with your family? Do you think about cherished loved ones you were blessed to celebrate the holidays with? We hope so, but don’t feel bad if you answered “no” to those questions. Family is a hu… Continue Reading

Fertility’s “Michelle Obama Effect” Is in Full Swing

Fertility – especially infertility – is a very personal thing for people. This has the unfortunate side effect of leaving people who suffer from infertility feeling very isolated due to the lack of people who come forward to tell their own stories of fertility issues. While no one should be expected to or… Continue Reading

CRM Andrology: The Who, What, When, and Why Of It

As you may already be aware of, we are expanding our menu of fertility health services at CRM. We are proud to offer andrology services for men throughout the Twin Cities under the banner of CRM Andrology (formerly Allina Health Andrology Laboratory). This is a logical next step for us as we have long prid… Continue Reading

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